Mobile C-Arm

Mobile C-Arm


  • High Definition Image
    • The combination of CCD camera with a high definition image intensifier and newly developed image processor presents high definition image.
      • Design provides ADC(Automatic Dosage Control) for hands free imaging.
      • Choice of image processing, Digital Image Rotation, Contrast stretching, Averaging.
      • Memory with 25 images has low noise level.
      • Even a hair line crack can be clearly seen with magnification mode.
  • Mechanical design to provide enhanced maneuverability with ease of C-ARM & other movements.
  • Ergonomically designed handles, levers and trolleys.
  • The hard polymer casters can be steered instantly.
  • Aluminium reverse ‘C’ provides complete balancing with sterilized draping during surgery.
  • Utility
  • Surgical, Orthopedic, Endoscopic, Urological.

Technical Specification

Generator Rating





6.3kW for Rotating Anode

Radiography Mode

kVp Output

40 to 100 kVp

40 to 110 kVp for rotating Anode

mA Output

Upto 50 mA

Upto 80 mA for rotating Anode

mAs Range

0.5 to 250 mAs

Fluoroscopy Mode

kVp Output

40 — 100 kVp

mA Output

0.5 – 3 mA

0.5 – 4 mA for rotating anode

Fluoro Timer

0 to 5 min cumulative timer with buzer


Focal Spot Stationary Anode

0.6/1.0 mm

0.3/0.6 mm  for rotating anode

Power Requirements

Single Phase 220 Vac 10%, 50Hz (Satndard 15 Amp power socket)


High sensitivity, low noise CCD Camera

Image Intensifier

9” Triple Field, high gain, low dose image intensifier tube. (Optional: 6” Single/Due field)

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