VISIMAM Mammography

VISIMAM Mammography


  • Image Quality: High quality breast images consistently, efficiently & easily.
  • Ground Breaking Technology:  HF HT generator adopts new IGBT tube & programmable logic array technology with 40kHz working frequency to contribute more stable power output, less straggling-rays & high picture contrast.
  • Automatic self adjusting tilt paddle(optional accessory): assures more uniform compression across the entire breast & improves immobilization of breast tissue, resulting in reduce mobile artefacts & superior image quality

Technical Specification


Rotating Anode

X-Ray Generator

4.5kW High Frequency

kV Output

20kV to 39kV

mAs Output

1mAs to 650mAs

X-Ray tube focal spot

Small focus: 0.1mm

Large focus: 0.3mm

Power Supply

Single phase, 5kVA 230V ±10%, (110V) AC 50Hz/60Hz.

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