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MRI service India
Team spirit is the most important factor for growth. We have an excellent panel of qualified engineers, who are willing to work as a single team, to achieve goals with perfection. This makes us grow in the field of MRI service, MRI installation and CT scan service in India and across the globe.
We believe that with this teamwork and unity we can bring in new innovative equipments for the mankind. We would like to work with you for a future that benefits the whole world.
Siemens MRI India

Permanent Magnet
C! Gradients, 4-ch R/F
24 mT/m Amplitude, 55 T/m/s Slew Rate

Software: Syngo, CORE Basic, Worklist, 3D Usage License, 3D MPR, 3D MIP, 3D SSD, Image Filter Software, EPI, 1D/2D PACE, iPAT, Advanced Workflow, MPPS, Inline, Processing, MR Composer Spine
Coils Include: Head Array, , Neck M, Neck L, Body Spine Array Medium, Body Spine Array Large, Body Spine Array XL, Body Spine (Lower), Extremity, MP coil

Toshiba MRI India
Model Aquilion 64 TSX-101A/HC
Year of manufacture 2006
Serial no. HKA0612031
Software Version V3.10GR009
Tube model MCS-7078D
Tube YOM Apr. 2013
Tube Count 430051
Gantry count 1284544
Detectors CDAS-041A
Other accessories Head coil, Arm rest, mats
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