About Us

Inbrain innovations started its lab in 2007 for research and development in the field of  biomechanical  designs and prosthetics.

Later was working in the field of MRI coll designs and Rf  Aquistion  spectrometers  by a  group of engineers interested  in MRI designs under same banner.

Also works with high vaccum  and doing research in infrared spectrum .

Parallel to this lab the service of medical equipments was started in 2009 by request of few customers  and slowly took shape and became a service company  providing high level technical support of repairing MRI , CT Cardiovascular systems.

But as a company we are well known in the field of MRI machine  across the globe because of our expertise in Shimming various magnets  . we are the image quality specialists who can address any image quality issue with your machine.

We can build RF cages Install  shim and calibrate your machine  as we have engineers from Philips Siemens ge hitachi Toshiba picker.

We can address any highly complicated technical problems as we have strong knowledge and manpower in this field.

Our lab has latest testing  machines where we can analyse complicated boards  and repair it.

Our another division sell  New and refurbished equipments like MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Xrays etc.

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If you need our support to buy machines or sell your old ones