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If you want to buy CT Refurbished machines

CT refurbished scanners are used to conduct X-ray tests that give you a cross-sectional image of the patient’s body using a computer and X-ray. CT Scan is called computerized axial tomography.

The fundamental principle of CT scan is based on the density tissue passed by the x-ray beam. This can be measured by calculating the attenuation coefficient. With the help of this principle, you may reconstruct the density of the bod. The detectors of CT scan do not produce an image. They emit a thin x-ray beam through full body scanning. Images of the body part are taken from various angles to get the information of depth.

The CT x-ray tube transmits N photons/ unit time. The transmitted x-rays make a beam that penetrates the biological layer of thickness delta x. A detector measures the N + delta photons where delta is smaller than 0. Attenuated x-ray values are recorded and used to built 3D images of the scanned object/ tissue.

Our vendors manufacture these scanners with first quality raw materials. We deliver the machine in all dimensions and specifications. These scanners are manufactured in accordance with strict global medical norms. InBrain Innovations, one of the leading CT Scan Services in India, provides you with scanners at affordable prices.

Few essential features of the products we supply have are:

Easy to operate
Low maintenance.