Philips Intera 1.5T MRI Scanner

Philips MRI India

1.5T short bore, active shield F2000 magnet
8.5.2 software revision
23mT/m gradients
Copley 274 gradient amp
Compaq DS10 PC
Pulse sequences: SE, Modified-SE (TSE), IR (T1, T2, PD), STIR, FLAIR, SPIR, FFE, T1-FFE, T2-FFE, Balanced FFE, TFE, Balanced TFE, Dynamic, Keyhole, 3D, Multi Chunk 3D, Multi Stack 3D, K Space Shutter, MTC, TSE, Dual IR, DRIVE, EPI, Cine, 2DMSS, DAVE, Mixed Mode; Angiography: PCA, MCA, Inflow MRA, CE
Imaging modes: Single Slice 2D , Multi Single Slice 2D, Multi Slice 2D, 3D, Multi Chunk 3D, Multi Stack 3D
FSE, Turbo, MRA, EPI, P/A, 3D, Diffusion, Neuro, Perfusion
Coils: Synergy body, Synergy spine, Quad volume, Neck, C1, C3, Flex M, Head


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